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Distal Dorsal Radial Delta Locking Plate

  • 5100-11

Product Description

Locking Plate Technology

By using locking screws in a bone plate, a fixed-angle construct is created. In osteopenic bone or fractures with multiple fragments, secure bone purchase with conventional screws may be compromised. Locking screws do not rely on bone/plate compression to resist patient load, but function similarly to multiple small angled blade plates. In these cases, the ability to lock screws into a fixed-angle construct is imperative. By combining locking screw holes with compression screw holes in the shaft, the plate can be used as both a locking device and a fracture compression device. If compression is desired, it must be achieved first by inserting the standard screws in the compression screw holes before inserting any locking screws. The locking plate design does not require compression between the plate and bone to accommodate loading. Therefore, screw thread purchase in the bone can be achieved with a thread depth less than that of traditional screws. The shallow thread profile, in turn, allows for screws with a larger core diameter to accommodate loading with improved bending and shear strength.

Locking Screw Technology

The heads of the locking screws contain male threads while the holes in the plates contain female threads. This allows the screw head to be threaded into the plate hole, locking the screw into the plate. This technical innovation provides the ability to create a fixedangle construct while using familiar plating techniques.

Plate Features

Features of the Periarticular Locking Plate include:

• Plates are precontoured to help with metaphyseal/diaphyseal reduction

• Thick-to-thin plate profiles make the plates autocontourable

• Anatomical contouring of the plates matches the shape of the distal radius

• Low plate profile facilitates fixation without impinging on soft tissue

• Plates are available in left and right configurations, in a variety of lengths


The Periarticular Locking Plate System is indicated for temporary internal fixation and stabilization of osteotomies and fractures, including:

• Comminuted fractures

• Supracondylar fractures

• Intra-articular and extra-articular condylar fractures

• Fractures in osteopenic bone

• Nonunions

• Malunions


Products REF Specification Thickness Width Length
Distal Dorsal Radial Delta Locking Plate             (Use 2.7 Locking Screw/2.7 Cortical screw) 5100-1101 3 holes L 1.8 8.6 65
5100-1102 4 holes L 1.8 8.6 73
5100-1103 5 holes L 1.8 8.6 82
5100-1104 7 holes L 1.8 8.6 99
5100-1105 9 holes L 1.8 8.6 116
5100-1106 3 holes R 1.8 8.6 65
5100-1107 4 holes R 1.8 8.6 73
5100-1108 5 holes R 1.8 8.6 82
5100-1109 7 holes R 1.8 8.6 99
5100-1110 9 holes R 1.8 8.6 116


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