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Intramedullary Nail

What is intramedullary nail?

Intramedullary nail (IM Nail) or interlocking nail, also known as intramedullary rod, is a metal rod (usually made of titanium alloy or stainless steel) inserted into the medullary cavity of the bone to treat bones with fractures. Proximal and distal locking holes are designed on the two sides of the nail for locking screws and it is widely used for tibia, femoral and humerus fracture. It is single-use device.


Types of intramedullary nail

According to the different functions of interlocking nails, there are 3 types of interlocking nails,

1. Humeral interlocking nail (normal and multi-lock humeral intramedullary nail)

2. Tibia interlocking nail (common, expert tibial nail and Suprapatellar approach tibial Intramedullary nail)

3. Femoral interlocking nail (common, retrograde, femoral reconstruction nail, gamma nail, PFNA nail, Intertan Nail and Expert femoral intramedullary nail)


Materials of the intramedullary nail

Usually there are stainless steel and titanium two materials while titanium has several advantages like improved biocompatibility and lower mechanical failures.


What factors will the doctor consider before operation?

1. Cause of the injury

2. Overall health and pre-existing medical conditions

3. The severity of your injury

4. The amount of damage to your soft tissues (muscles, skin, nerves, ligaments)

5. What are the function and activities before the injury?


What Treatment should be managed before using?

For nails supplied in non-sterile condition must be cleaned and sterilized before operation. All the package should be torn down before cleaning.


Advantage of intramedullary nail in operation.

1. It is minimally invasive surgery and decrease the infection ratio during operation.

2. Central and elastic fixation and dispersed tension to avoid new bone fracture.

3. Safety fixation for earlier functional training.


Does the interlocking nail need to be taken out?

The intramedullary nails are permanent for elder patients if there is no uncomfortable feeling, but for young ones, it is necessary to take it out for the high movements. Anyway, follow the doctors advise before you make decision.




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