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What are spine implants?

A Spinal implant is a device used to manage the unstable spine caused by trauma or by spondylolisthesis (slipped vertebrae) originating from degenerative intervertebral disks.

Types of spinal implants

Most common spinal implants are Pedicle Screws, Plates, Rods, Cages ect.

Materials of the spine implants

Most spinal implants are made of titanium alloys and polyetheretherketone (PEEK) material.

How to choose the spine implants for surgeries?

The doctors will choose the right device to treat patients that for different fractures or disorders.

How do doctors install a spinal implant?

Technological advancements have enabled doctors to perform minimally invasive spine surgeries. Doctors can make a small incision in the back and use microscopes to install implants. Newer implants are constructed from hard plastic, titanium, and hydroxyapatite. These materials are durable and less likely to cause infection. Furthermore, some of these materials are similar to human bone and encourage bone growth.

Who can benefit from spinal implants?

Anyone suffering from a degenerative spinal condition or recovering from fusion surgery may benefit from an implant. Spinal fusion surgery binds segments of the vertebrae together to stop unnecessary movement that causes pain. A spinal implant maintains the results of the surgery. For questions regarding spinal implants or surgery, consult a spine surgeon to better understand treatment options.

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