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2.0 MM Mini Locking Plate

What is 2.0mm mini Locking Plate?

A comprehensive collection of implant plates and screws essential for a small bone fixation solution,Plates designed to offer an innovative and adaptive surgical solution for a wide range of anatomical conditions and trauma

What are the types of 2.0mm mini Locking Plate ?

The 2.0mm mini Locking Plate contains the Straight locking plate,T-locking plate,Y-locking plate,Strut locking plate.

Materials of the locking plate?

Good plate prefers two different types of materials to design lock compression plates. These include stainless steel and titanium, both of which are high-quality materials.

Which plate is better titanium or stainless steel?

Stainless steel implants have equal or superior biomechanical properties when compared with titanium implants. However, there is clinical evidence that titanium plates have a lower rate of failure and fewer complications than similar stainless steel implants in some situations.

Why titanium plates are used in surgery?

Most commonly used to hold bones in place while they heal, titanium plates are erosion resistant and strong enough to hold the mending bones in place. Doctors may elect to implant a titanium plate in a patient with a bad fracture, a severe skull injury, or bone degeneration disease.

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