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Pelvic Fragment External Fixator - Type B

  • 6100-1002


  • medical stainless steel

  • CE/ISO:9001/ISO13485

  • FedEx. DHL.TNT.EMS.etc


Product Description

The basic goal of fracture fixation is to stabilize the fractured bone, to enable fast healing of the injured bone, and to return early mobility and full function of the injured extremity.

External fixation is a technique used to help heal severely broken bones. This type of orthopedic treatment involves securing the fracture with a specialized device called a fixator, which is external to the body. Using special bone screws (commonly called pins) that pass through the skin and muscle, the fixator is connected to the damaged bone to keep it in proper alignment as it heals.

What is an external fixator used for?

An external fixation device may be used to keep fractured bones stabilized and in alignment. The device can be adjusted externally to ensure the bones remain in an optimal position during the healing process. This device is commonly used in children and when the skin over the fracture has been damaged.

What are the types of external fixator?

There are three basic types of external fixators: standard uniplanar fixator, ring fixator, and hybrid fixator.

The numerous devices used for internal fixation are roughly divided into a few major categories: wires, pins and screws, plates, and intramedullary nails or rods.

Staples and clamps are also used occasionally for osteotomy or fracture fixation. Autogenous bone grafts, allografts, and bone graft substitutes are frequently used for the treatment of bone defects of various causes. For infected fractures as well as for treatment of bone infections, antibiotic beads are frequently used.


Pelvic External Fixator - Type B

Matching Bone Screw:HBΦ6*150mm 4 pcs

Matching Instruments:6mm hex wrench , 6mm screwdriver

Option: 5mm Pin

Features & Benefits



Pelvic Fragment External Fixator: A Comprehensive Guide

The pelvic region is a complex structure that provides support for the upper body and protects the reproductive and digestive organs. Pelvic fractures can be severe and result in significant morbidity and mortality. Pelvic external fixators are one of the many treatment options for pelvic fractures. In this article, we will discuss the pelvic fragment external fixator, its indications, contraindications, techniques, complications, and outcomes.


Pelvic fractures are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in trauma patients. They can occur due to high-velocity accidents, falls from a height, or low-velocity trauma. The pelvic region has a complex anatomy with multiple bony structures, and fractures can result in significant displacement, instability, and hemorrhage. Pelvic external fixators are one of the many treatment options for pelvic fractures. They provide stability, support, and alignment of the pelvic bones while allowing early mobilization.


Pelvic external fixators are indicated in the following situations:

  • Pelvic ring disruption with displacement or instability

  • Open pelvic fractures

  • Acetabular fractures with displacement or comminution

  • Complex fractures involving the sacroiliac joint

  • Concomitant injuries that preclude surgery


Pelvic external fixators are contraindicated in the following situations:

  • Severe soft tissue injury or infection

  • Pelvic instability that cannot be adequately reduced

  • Vascular injury that cannot be controlled

  • Concomitant injuries that preclude external fixation


The pelvic external fixator consists of two main components: the pins and the connecting rods. The pins are inserted into the iliac crest and the supra-acetabular region of the pelvis under fluoroscopic guidance. The pins should be placed perpendicular to the bone surface and at least 2 cm away from the neurovascular structures. The connecting rods are then attached to the pins and adjusted to achieve the desired reduction and alignment. The reduction should be assessed intraoperatively using fluoroscopy and adjusted as needed.


Pelvic external fixators are associated with several complications, including:

  • Pin tract infection

  • Pin loosening or breakage

  • Rod migration or displacement

  • Neurovascular injury

  • Pressure sores

  • Loss of reduction or alignment

  • Sexual dysfunction


Pelvic external fixators have been shown to be effective in stabilizing pelvic fractures and improving patient outcomes. Early mobilization and weight-bearing can be achieved, resulting in reduced hospital stay, improved pain control, and decreased morbidity. However, the complication rate is high, and careful patient selection, proper pin placement, and close monitoring are essential to achieve optimal outcomes.


Pelvic external fixators are a valuable tool in the management of pelvic fractures. They provide stability, support, and alignment while allowing early mobilization. Proper patient selection, careful pin placement, and close monitoring are essential to achieve optimal outcomes.


  1. What is a pelvic external fixator? A pelvic external fixator is a device used to stabilize and align the bones of the pelvis in patients with pelvic fractures.

  2. How is a pelvic external fixator inserted? The pins are inserted into the iliac crest and the supra-acetabular region of the pelvis under fluoroscopic guidance.

  3. What are the indications for a pelvic external fixator? Pelvic external fixators are indicated in pelvic ring disruption with displacement or instability, open pelvic fractures, acetabular fractures with displacement or comminution, complex fractures involving the sacroiliac joint, and concomitant injuries that preclude surgery.


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