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Cervical Peek Cage-II

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Product Description

CZMEDITECH Cervical Peek Cage

PEEK cervical cage is an intervertebral implant for anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF). It provides a stable surface for bone fusion and ensures a safe lock between the implant and vertebrae. Most cervical cages are made of high-performance biomaterials such as PEEK, because the implants are subjected to constant compression force and the implants are permanent.Until about 20 years ago, titanium was the main choice of cervical cage, but the appearance of PEEK has replaced it. Now, PEEK is the front-line choice, and it is constantly improving.

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Cervical Peek Cage

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Why is PEEK the right choice for cervical intervertebral implants?

  • A favorable flexural modulus - it has a modulus similar to that of cortical bone. PEEK bears weight and bends like bone, and its tensile strength is similar to that of bone. With these attributes, once implanted, the behavior of PEEK is predictable. Polyetherketone (PEEK) is a load-sharing material, so it will not deprive natural bones of the necessary bone stimulation stress. This means less stress shielding and less subsidence, which is a significant problem of titanium cage.

  • Pure radiolucency-Another significant advantage of ——PEEK is its pure transmission linearity, which means that it is completely invisible in X-ray, CT scanning and MRI. This level of radiotransparency is essential for ACDF surgery, because it ensures that the surgical team can track the degree of its integration with natural bone.

  • Complete biocompatibility-All implantable biomaterials must pass the most stringent safety tests. ISO 10993 is the leading biocompatibility test standard in medical device industry, and it has been recognized by FDA and most European countries.The testing procedure for permanent implants such as cervical cage is the strictest. In addition, ISO 10993 gets its test recommendations from respected standards and organizations, so they are the best programs available to researchers.

  • Workability–Like other polymers, PEEK offers many options for equipment manufacturers. In most cases, PEEK is processed by precise CAM and CAD processes. As it is a high-performance polymer, PEEK can withstand processing without losing material characteristics. Regarding the cervical fusion cage, the machinability of PEEK ensures that it can be precisely machined to adapt to the patient's anatomy.

  • Emerging potential-Peek has only had an impact in the medical field for 20 years, so there is still a lot of research to be done on this polymer. Every new generation of PEEK implants will bring better results and more functions. For example, PEEK cervical fusion cage is now designed with materials that can promote bone growth and produce better integration between implants and natural tissues.


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