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Distal Femoral Locking Plate

  • 5100-35

Product Description

What is Distal Femoral Locking Plate?

The LCP Distal Femur Plates are based on the LCP System.

The shaft portion of the plate features Combi holes and the head features threaded holes. The shape of the plates is based on the design of the Distal Femur LISS plates. The plates are available with 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 holes for both the left and right femur.

Large Fragment LCP instruments and screws are used for plate fixation.

Use Screws

The LCP Distal Femur Plates are compatible with the following screws:

– 5.0 mm Locking Screws

– 5.0 mm Locking Screws, self-drilling

– 5.0 mm Cannulated Locking Screws

– 5.0 mm Cannulated Conical Screws

– 4.5 mm Cortex Screws

– 4.5 mm Cannulated Screws

Threaded holes in plate head

Round locking holes accept 5.0 mm Locking Screws and 4.5 mm Cortex Screws.Preshaped plate The preshaped, low-profile plate reduces issues with soft tissue and eliminates the need for plate contouring.

LCP Combi holes in the plate shaft The Combi hole allows an internal plate fixation using standard 4.5 mm Cortex Screws, 5.0 mm Locking Screws or a combination of both, thus allowing more flexible intraoperative technique.

Angular stability Prevents screw loosening as well as primary and secondary loss of reduction and allows early functional mobilization.

Rounded plate tip Tapered, rounded plate tip facilitates a minimally invasive surgical technique.


The Distal Femoral Locking Plates are intended for buttressing multifragmentary distal femur fractures including: supracondylar, intra-articular and extra-articular

condylar, periprosthetic fractures; fractures in normal or osteopenic bone; nonunions and malunions; and osteotomies of the femur.

Distal Femoral Locking Plate


Products REF Specification Thickness Width Length

Distal Femoral Locking Plate 

(Use 5.0 Locking Screw/4.5 Cortical Screw)

5100-3501 5 holes L 6.0 17.5 164
5100-3502 7 holes L 6.0 17.5 204
5100-3503 9 holes L 6.0 17.5 244
5100-3504 11 holes L 6.0 17.5 284
5100-3505 13 holes L 6.0 17.5 324
5100-3506 5 holes R 6.0 17.5 164
5100-3507 7 holes R 6.0 17.5 204
5100-3508 9 holes R 6.0 17.5 244
5100-3509 11 holes R 6.0 17.5 284
5100-3510 13 holes R 6.0 17.5 324


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