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Herbert Cannulated Compression Screw

  • 4100-96


  • Stainless Steel / Titanium

  • CE/ISO:9001/ISO13485

  • FedEx. DHL.TNT.EMS.etc


Product Description

What is Herbert Cannulated Compression Screw?

The thread design of the Herbert Screw creates compression and provides fracture stability. As the proximal threads engage the bone, the fracture is drawn together, helping to create and maintain stability of the fracture site.

Herbert Screws have headless design, it means that the screw is completely embedded in the bone, without any protrusions to cause tissue irritation even in intra-articular placement.

Cannulation helps ensure precise placement of the screw.

Herbert Cannulated Guide Pins hold the fragment and act as guides for drilling, tapping, and screw placement.

Any additional length sizes of this screw will be made on demand.

Instruments are available for this screw such as Bone Taps, Combined Drill & Tap Sleeve, Counter Sink, Depth Gauge, Drill Bits, Drill Guide, Drill Sleeve, Hollow Mill Screw Removal, Reverse Measuring Device, Screw Drivers and Screw Holding Forceps etc.

Herbert Screw specifications

name specifications REF(titanium alloy)

Herbert Screw

2.5*10mm T4100-9623
2.5*12mm T4100-9624
2.5*14mm T4100-9625
2.5*16mm T4100-9626
2.5*18mm T4100-9627
2.5*20mm T4100-9628
2.5*22mm T4100-9629
2.5*24mm T4100-9630
2.5*26mm T4100-9631
2.5*28mm T4100-9632
2.5*30mm T4100-9633
3.0*14mm T4100-9601
3.0*16mm T4100-9602
3.0*18mm T4100-9603
3.0*20mm T4100-9604
3.0*22mm T4100-9605
3.0*24mm T4100-9606
3.0*26mm T4100-9607
3.0*28mm T4100-9608
3.0*30mm T4100-9609
3.5*14mm T4100-9634
3.5*16mm T4100-9635
3.5*18mm T4100-9636
3.5*20mm T4100-9637
3.5*22mm T4100-9638
3.5*24mm T4100-9639
3.5*26mm T4100-9640
3.5*28mm T4100-9641
3.5*30mm T4100-9642
3.5*32mm T4100-9643
3.5*34mm T4100-9644
3.5*36mm T4100-9645
3.5*38mm T4100-9646
3.5*40mm T4100-9647
4.0*26mm T4100-9610
4.0*28mm T4100-9611
4.0*30mm T4100-9612
4.0*32mm T4100-9613
4.0*34mm T4100-9614
4.0*36mm T4100-9615
4.0*38mm T4100-9616
4.0*40mm T4100-9617
4.0*42mm T4100-9618
4.0*44mm T4100-9619
4.0*46mm T4100-9620
4.0*48mm T4100-9621
4.0*50mm T4100-9622

Actual Picture

Herbert Cannulated Compression Screw


Herbert Cannulated Compression Screw: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to orthopedic surgery, having the right tools and techniques is crucial for achieving successful outcomes. One such tool that has gained significant popularity over the years is the Herbert cannulated compression screw. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of this screw, including its design, uses, benefits, and potential drawbacks.


Orthopedic surgeries have become increasingly common in recent years, thanks to advancements in medical technology. These surgeries often require specialized tools and implants to achieve optimal results. One such implant is the Herbert cannulated compression screw.

What is a Herbert Cannulated Compression Screw?

The Herbert cannulated compression screw is a type of orthopedic implant used in the treatment of fractures and other injuries to bones. It is named after its inventor, Dr. Peter Herbert, who developed the screw in the 1980s. The screw is designed to provide compression to a bone, which helps to stabilize it during the healing process.

Design of the Herbert Cannulated Compression Screw

The Herbert screw is made of titanium or stainless steel and comes in various sizes to fit different bones. It is a threaded screw with a cannulated center that allows for the insertion of a guide wire. The cannulated design also allows for the insertion of bone grafts or other biological materials to aid in the healing process.

How is the Herbert Cannulated Compression Screw Used?

The Herbert screw is primarily used in the treatment of fractures, especially those involving small bones, such as those in the hand and foot. It is also used in the treatment of non-unions, where a bone fails to heal properly. During surgery, the screw is inserted through a small incision and guided into the bone using a guide wire. Once in place, the screw is tightened, providing compression to the bone to promote healing.

Advantages of the Herbert Cannulated Compression Screw

The Herbert screw has several advantages over other types of screws and implants. Firstly, its cannulated design allows for the insertion of bone grafts or other materials, which can help to speed up the healing process. Secondly, the screw provides compression to the bone, which helps to stabilize it and reduce the risk of complications such as malunion or non-union. Lastly, the screw is easy to insert and can be done using minimally invasive techniques, reducing the risk of complications and speeding up recovery times.

Potential Drawbacks of the Herbert Cannulated Compression Screw

While the Herbert screw has many advantages, it is not without its potential drawbacks. Firstly, the screw is relatively expensive compared to other types of implants. Secondly, there is a risk of the screw becoming dislodged or breaking, which can require further surgery to correct. Lastly, the screw may not be suitable for all types of fractures, and the surgeon may need to consider alternative treatment options.


The Herbert cannulated compression screw is a valuable tool in the treatment of fractures and other bone injuries. Its unique design allows for the insertion of bone grafts and provides compression to the bone, which can speed up the healing process and reduce the risk of complications. While there are potential drawbacks to the use of the screw, these are outweighed by its many advantages.


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