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Hoffmann External Fixation Large Fragment Set

  • 7100-02
  • medical stainless steel
  • CE/ISO:9001/ISO13485
  • FedEx. DHL.TNT.EMS.etc

Product Description

The basic goal of fracture fixation is to stabilize the fractured bone, to enable fast healing of the injured bone, and to return early mobility and full function of the injured extremity.

External fixation is a technique used to help heal severely broken bones. This type of orthopedic treatment involves securing the fracture with a specialized device called a fixator, which is external to the body. Using special bone screws (commonly called pins) that pass through the skin and muscle, the fixator is connected to the damaged bone to keep it in proper alignment as it heals.

What is an external fixator used for?

An external fixation device may be used to keep fractured bones stabilized and in alignment. The device can be adjusted externally to ensure the bones remain in an optimal position during the healing process. This device is commonly used in children and when the skin over the fracture has been damaged.

What are the types of external fixator?

There are three basic types of external fixators: standard uniplanar fixator, ring fixator, and hybrid fixator.

The numerous devices used for internal fixation are roughly divided into a few major categories: wires, pins and screws, plates, and intramedullary nails or rods.

Staples and clamps are also used occasionally for osteotomy or fracture fixation. Autogenous bone grafts, allografts, and bone graft substitutes are frequently used for the treatment of bone defects of various causes. For infected fractures as well as for treatment of bone infections, antibiotic beads are frequently used.


NoREFProduct NameQty
17100-0201Rod-Pin Coupling (5/6mm Pin, 8mm Rod)12
27100-0202Rod-Rod Coupling (8mm Rod)12
37100-02035-Hole Pin Clamp (5/6mm Pin)3
47100-020430 Degree Angled Post 8mm2
57100-0205Straight Post 8mm4
67100-0206Apex Pin Self-drilling 5*120mm4
77100-0207Apex Pin Self-drilling 5*150mm8
87100-0208Apex Pin Self-drilling 5*180mm4
97100-0209Drill Sleeve2
108100-0424Carbon Fiber Connecting Rod 8*200mm4
118100-0425Carbon Fiber Connecting Rod 8*250mm4
128100-0426Carbon Fiber Connecting Rod 8*300mm4
137100-0213Semi Circular Rod 8*180mm1
147100-0214Semi Circular Rod 8*200mm1
157100-0215Reduction Wrench1
167100-0216Wrench with Extension Bar1
177100-0217Adjust Wheel1
187100-0218Apex Pin Chuck1
197100-0219Arc Drilling Stand1
207100-0220T-shaped Clamp Wrench 7#1
217100-0221T-shaped Pin Wrench 5mm1
227100-0222Aluminum Box1


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